Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 1 of Schneider Orientation...

Today, I started day one with Schneider National. This was basically a day of doing prewire paperwork (i-9, tax forms, etc.) as well as a Pre-work job screen. This consisted of carrying some weights a distance, crouching under a platform to simulate going under a trailer, and several other exercises to simulate different things that are done while out on the road. These were all pretty easy and I passed with flying colors.

We also were sized for our boots that we get. These are brand new Rocky boots that retail for about $125.00 that Schneider gives its drivers each year. This is an awesome perk for the driers and something that I think is really cool from a company!

The instructor for our class is Chuck. He is a really cool guy and I think this will be a fun class to sit through with him for the next 5 days. 

All in all, so far this is looking good! Everyone at Schneider that I have coe into contact with, have been super cool to deal with. It is really giving me a good feeling that I chose the right company to continue my driving career.

That is pretty much it, for today. Not a lot going on the first day there and I was actually sitting on my couch before 12:30 this afternoon.

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