Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Chapter in Life...Closed.

Well, guys, It has been some time since I have been here. My Diabetes got the best of me and I am now on insulin, which disqualifies me from driving a truck. This means that my posts from here on out will contain NO posts about trucking. I will mainly be blogging about my diabetes, my writing, and just about any other thing that I can think of to blog about (which is also why the name of this blog has changed).

Since I am no longer driving, I am also unemployed at the moment so you may see a little bitching about that part of my life as well.

So, to all of my trucker friends and followers that I had...stick around and read my posts, but they wont be about trucking. If you decide not to hang out and read me from now on, Ill understand and will just say this...keep the dirty side down and be careful out there! ROLL ON!

To everyone else...Ill still be posting. Glad to have you here!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Whoa! Has it really been five months?

Five months. Almost half of a year. Over one half of a pregnancy.  That's how long it has been since I have updated this thing. Been on the road driving my ass off and really havent had time to write much, but I HAVE been doing a lot of thinking about writing.

Yeah, I know...thinking about it doesn't count and we all know that everyone thinks about it. Yoou cant get it done unless you have AIS syndrome. What is AIS syndrome, you ask? Ass In Seat. You cant write unless you actually sit down and put words on the screen. Pencil to the proverbial paper.

Since  HAVE been thinking a LOT about writing, I have been coming up with some story ideas while driving around this big country. I think I have a few narrowed down to some things I want to start working on now. I am going to start doing some research and see if I cant get something going.

In the meantime, I am going to try to update this blog at least once a week and maybe more if I can find time to get to it.

More later!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 1 of Schneider Orientation...

Today, I started day one with Schneider National. This was basically a day of doing prewire paperwork (i-9, tax forms, etc.) as well as a Pre-work job screen. This consisted of carrying some weights a distance, crouching under a platform to simulate going under a trailer, and several other exercises to simulate different things that are done while out on the road. These were all pretty easy and I passed with flying colors.

We also were sized for our boots that we get. These are brand new Rocky boots that retail for about $125.00 that Schneider gives its drivers each year. This is an awesome perk for the driers and something that I think is really cool from a company!

The instructor for our class is Chuck. He is a really cool guy and I think this will be a fun class to sit through with him for the next 5 days. 

All in all, so far this is looking good! Everyone at Schneider that I have coe into contact with, have been super cool to deal with. It is really giving me a good feeling that I chose the right company to continue my driving career.

That is pretty much it, for today. Not a lot going on the first day there and I was actually sitting on my couch before 12:30 this afternoon.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Are YOU reading?

I am still in the thralls of my new story, but I have reached a point that I want to take a break from it and immerse myself in a good book.

The one series that I have always wanted to read, yet never have is J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings". I went to a really cool used book store, The Book Exchange, earlier today and was just looking around and lo and behold, there were ALL of the series except for one.

The first book in the series was very absent from among literally stacks of all the other books in the series. I didn't think I wanted to start an epic like LOTR by getting and reading the second book first. I was standing there looking and another customer was there and offered a piece of advice to me.

"Get The Hobbit first", she said. "you will gain so much from reading the prequel that you will enjoy the series that much more". So, with that advice, I grabbed a good paperback copy of the book. Would you believe I paid less than three dollars for a mint copy of this book? THREE dollars!

I am going to dive into this book and read. I need to read.

On another note, I finally got a new job! I'm going BACK on the road with Scheneider National as an over the road truck driver. I had to find another job because not eating and not staying warm were not options at this point in my life. I start orientation at my new company tomorrow morning. I can't wait to get started! It has been a LONG seven months!

More later, guys! I'm going to read.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Im back! Story from NOWHERE!

I was walking my dog tonight with my 6 y.o. little girl (who is visiting me for Thanksgiving, thank you very much!) tonight and we got to the dead end on our road. There are woods at the end and she turned to me and said "we can just stop right here...Im not going in those woods!" I asked her why and she just looked at me like I had 4 heads. I laughed and turned around and we came home, but i couldn't get that scene out of my head. I sat down and plotted a story (doesn't involve my little girl) and honestly Im scared just plotting it. I could NOT get that scene out of my head and the plot just flowed as i started writing it down. spent about 2 hours just plotting.

I have never had a story just pop out of nowhere like that. Ive always had to really struggle to come up with ideas for stories and they always seemed like I was pushing with them. This one didn't feel that way.

This ever happen to you? Do you get ideas from out of the blue? Im going to start on this thing tonight!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's all the RAGE!

It truly is all the rage! It is amazing and an awesome way to network with other writers and people of like minds and interests. What is "it", you ask? It is Google+. "It" is going to revolutionize the way we communicate with each other.

"Is it like Twitter?" You ask. No. Twitter only allows you 140 characters to say what you want to say. 

Is it like Facebook? No. It is MUCH more than Facebook. It is everything that Facebook is NOT! Facebook is more of a family and close circle of friends thing, with drama, and girls with duck faces, and silly games. I suppose that Facebook is fine if you want that sort of thing

Google+ is much more. Google+ has none of what Facebook has. Google+ is a REAL social NETWORKING thing. Are you a writer? Do you want to communicate with other writers? Easy, go on Google+ and create a circle for writers, search for writers, add those writers to your new circle. You will start getting posts from those writers as they post to their circles. The cool thing is, those writers don't have to add you to THEIR circles, or, they can. Most do. Before you know it, you have a whole new circle of friends.

Are you into photography, or the occult, or fluffy bunnies? There are circles for that, if you create them. The possibilities are limitless. It is a real NETWORK!

Don't take my word for it, though. Why not get in on the fun? It takes an invite to get in at the moment, because it is still in Beta, but you are in luck. I have invites! Want one? It is as simple as asking for one in the comments of this post. Leave an email address for me to send it to, and you are IN!

C'mon guys...get in on the new generation. Just DO IT!

More later.

Friday, July 29, 2011

YAY! WiP has begun and other random thoughts...

"Killing gets in your blood. Once you have done it a few times, it becomes second nature to you."
I have started my first draft of the story that I want to tell. I wrote almost 500 words today and am psyched that I have started it. I thought about it, let it rattle around in my brain for weeks, and mulled it over for days and now it is time to put up or shut up with it. I got tired of just thinking about it and talking about it and posting on forums about it and decided to just go head and start WRITING it! 
DAMN! It feels kind of liberating! It is like I now have something to look forward to every day. It give me a purpose. LOL. My only hope is that one day, I will actually see it in PRINT!
Speaking of seeing it in Print, I was reading JA Konrath's Blog last night, and he seems to think that the printed book is about to go the way of the Dodo. He thinks that books are going to be strictly on the Kindle and other e-readers before we know it. This will probably just piss me off, simply because I like to hold a book, flip the pages, smell the ink. I will never be able to do that with the Kindle. 
Now, don't get me wrong...I think the Kindle is an awesome invention, and I think it has its role in reading, but I just don't want it to take over. I LOVE going to a bookstore and looking through the books to pick out what I may like to read. I LOVE that. I simply can not do that with the Kindle.
More later, guys!