Monday, June 14, 2010

Ridin' and Writin'

In the current capacity of my job as a truck driver, I get to instruct students with CDL permits on how to actually drive one of these monsters. This is a very rewarding aspect of my job. I love watching someone who has never even SAT in a truck before his first time with me, go from that scared person to a confident DRIVER in three to four weeks. It is a transformation that I get to watch unfold in front of me, and it is awesome.

Let me explain what I actually do. A person who wants to drive a truck is hired by the company that I work for. They come to orientation with nothing but a regular drivers license and study for their CDL (commercial drivers license) permit. Now this permit is exactly the same as the permit most of us got as teenagers. It's the same except it is a permit to drive a big rig, as long as they have a licensed CDL instructor in the seat beside them at all times. I am that licensed CDL instructor.

One cool thing is, I get paid to instruct these students (one at a time in my truck for about four weeks at a time) as well as running real freight and real loads and doing real trucking so they are learning "on the job". I also ride around the country 10-14 hours per day. This gives me plenty of time to be online on Twitter, Facebook, research the story I'm doing and WRITE.

The problem is, I spend too much time on Twitter and surfing the web and not enough time writing. I really need to get better at just writing instead of Tweeting, or surfing. It would make writing this so called book of mine go a lot faster, I'm sure. LOL. I have to follow some advice my friend David says in this blog post - Shut Up and Write. It's blunt, and to the point, but it makes a hell of a lot of sense.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I need to make a lot better use of my time while I HAVE the time to use. I have a perfect opportunity here, while I'm actually working, to write and finish something that I have started on way too many times.

We are leaving NYC and headed to Tennessee today. Maybe I'll get something accomplished.

More later, folks.

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2girlsonabench said...

Love the "Shut up and Write" slogan, you should make it into a bumper sticker and then you'll see it all the time! Get it, because you're always driving... good luck!